Ice Cream Social

Let Gunther’s bring the dessert for your special event.

All contact information and Q&A is located at the bottom of the page.

Ice Cream Prices

Ice Cream - 3 Gallon Containers50-60 Scoops per Container41.75 Each (any flavor)

Ice Cream Flavors

VanillaPistachio NutBananaBubble Gum
Butter Pecan
Peanut Butter CupCoffeePeach
Strawberry CheesecakeRocky RoadFudge BrownieMint Chip
Black WalnutChocolateSwiss Orange ChipChocolate Chip
Black Raspberry MarbleToasted AlmondStrawberryPecan Pralines
Mocha Almond FudgeFrench VanillaButter BrickleOreo Cookie
Coconut PineappleMarble FudgeMaple NutMint Cookie
Peppermint StickLemon Custard

Sherbet and Yogurt Flavors

Orange SherbetVanilla Yogurt
Red Raspberry SherbetRaspberry Yogurt
Lime SherbetBlackberry Yogurt
Rainbow SherbetChocolate Yogurt

Real Fruit Freeze

Real Fruit Freeze - 3 Gallon Containers30-35 10oz cups per container51.75 Each (any flavor)

Real Fruit Freeze Flavors

Strawberry BananaRaspberryChampagne BerryCherryLime

Custom Orders

Custom orders must be placed at least one week in advance.

Pre Scooped Ice Cream3.40 EaA 4oz. Scoop of Ice Cream, in a cup or on a cone. (Sugar Cone or Plain Cone) Any Flavor.
Pre Scooped Freeze3.75 EaPrepacked Cups of Fruit Freeze-Ready to serve. In a 10 oz. cup. Any Flavors.
50/50's3.75 EaVanilla Ice Cream, on a sugar cone, dipped in chocolate, covered in peanuts (may be ordered with or without nuts).
Nutty Cones3.40 EaA Frozen Banana, on a stick, dipped in chocolate, covered peanuts (may be ordered with or without nuts).
Frozen Banana's3.40 EaVanilla Ice Cream Bar, on a stick, dipped in chocolate, covered in almonds (may be ordered with or without nuts). 
Nut Bars3.40 EaVanilla Ice Cream, between two oatmeal cookies, dipped in Chocolate.
Oatwheels3.40 EaA Scoop of Ice Cream, between two chocolate wafers (Any flavor ice cream).
Ice Cream Sandwiches3.40 EaA scoop of Ice Cream with a sugar cone made to look like a clown.
Clown Cones3.40 EaA slice of New York Cheesecake, on a stick, dipped in chocolate.
Cheesecake on a Stick4.35 EaA Slice of Oreo Cookie Ice Cream with a Oreo Cookie Crust, on a stick,  dipped in chocolate.
Oreo Pie on a Stick4.35 EaA Slice of Oreo Cookie Ice Cream with a Oreo Cookie Crust, on a stick, dipped in chocolate.
Mudd Pie on a Stick4.35 EaA Slice of Coffee Ice Cream, on a graham cracker crust, topped with fudge,  on a stick, dipped in chocolate.
Bon-Bons7.80 Per Dz1oz. Scoop of ice cream, dipped in chocolate   (Any flavor ice cream).
Mini Nutty Cones13.00 Per DzMiniature version of the Nutty cone.
Chocolate Covered Cherries5.05 Per DzMaraschino Cherries, dipped in chocolate.
Chocolate Dipped Banana Chips5.05 Per DzSlices of Banana's, dipped in chocolate.


Cups/ Containers

Styrofoam for serving ice cream scoops and sundaes8 oz.5.75 package of 50.10 Ea
Plastic for serving freeze12 oz.5.75 package of 25.15 Ea
Banana Split BoatsOne Size27.50 package of 50.55 Ea


Plastic5.25 package of 100.06 Ea


Sugar25.00 package of 200.20 Ea
Plain9.50 package of 100.20 Ea
Waffle53.75 package of 192.40 Ea


Chocolate25.001 Gal ContainerServes approx 100 Sundaes at 2 oz. per serving
Strawberry (perserve)12.9546 oz CanServes approx  25 Sundaes at 2 oz. per sundae
Pineapple12.9546 oz CanServes approx  25 Sundaes at 2 oz. per sundae
Butterscotch14.2546 oz CanServes approx  25 Sundaes at 2 oz. per sundae
Hot Fudge35.001 Gal ContainerServes approx 100 Sundaes at 2 oz. per serving
Marshmallow12.9546 oz CanServes approx  25 Sundaes at 2 oz. per sundae
Hot Caramel14.9546 oz CanServes approx  25 Sundaes at 2 oz. per sundae
Fresh Strawberries57.0030 lbs PailServes approx 225 Sundaes at 2 oz. per sundae
Chocolate Cone Dip15.00Serves up to 50 Cones


Peanuts6.75 per lb60 sundaes per lb
Almonds7.9560 sundaes per lb


Maraschino with stems20.00 per Jar of 350-400.05 Ea

Other Topics

Custom Orders: On custom items, flavors of ice cream can be changed to your preference and also items with nuts can be made without nuts.

Prices:  All prices are subject to change.  Please be sure you have a current price list.

Freezer Units: Ice Cream and Fruit Freeze Units are available for Rent at a charge of $39.75.  These units are a standard freezer unit, on wheels, and require a 110V plug in. Freezer Units can not be rented without the purchase of our products.

Delivery Charges: There will be a one time charge of $25.00 for Delivery & Pickup of freezer unit, within a 30 mile radius of our Franklin Blvd Location.  Additional fee may be higher for further locations.

Minimum: There is a minimum order required to have a freezer rental and/or delivery of product. A 4 tub minimum on ice cream or freeze containers. 100 piece minimum on novelty items (excluding Mini nutties, bon bons, banana chips or chocolate covered cherries.)

Refunds: There are NO REFUNDS on unused Products.

Booking of Event: If you are planning an ice cream event please allow a week notice for event     plans to get quoted and authorized.  If you are planning on renting the freezer unit and     you know the date of your event we suggest that you reserve the unit to insure availability.     Also, all custom products must be ordered one week in advance.

Utensils: We supply ice cream scoops, extension cords & ladles at no extra charge.  These items will be on loan but must be requested when order is placed and returned to avoid any extra charge.  If you are ordering cans of syrups be sure to bring a can opener to your event.

Not Available:  Whip Cream is not available through Gunther’s but can be purchased through your local grocer. Allow 10–15 sundaes per standard 14 ounce can.

Payment:   Company checks, cash or credit card are taken for payment, in full, prior to delivery. Credit card required for freezer rental.

Questions & Answers

Do supplies need to be purchased through Gunther’s?

No, customers can can purchase supplies where they choose or use supplies they already have.

Does Gunther’s send out employee’s to scoop and serve?

We do not supply server’s for your event but we do have a catering company who will come to your site.  If you are interested we can refer you to this company.

Can we return unused product?

Unused product can not be returned.

Can the freezer unit be rented with out ordering ice cream?

We only rent freezers with the purchase of our product.

Does Gunther’s have those soda jerk paper hats or aprons?

We do have the paper hats and plastic aprons available.  The cost is .50 each and must be requested when placing your order.

Can we put ice cream & freeze in the same freezer unit?

This is a tricky question.  If you are planning to scoop the products out of a 3 gallon container you cannot have them both in the same cabinet. The scooping temperatures are different for both products. If you are ordering pre made products such as Cups of freeze, 50/50’s along  with pre made ice cream products such as Nutty cones, Frozen Banana’s…then yes, you can have them in the same freezer unit.

Contact & Ordering Information

Our catering dept. is open 10am-4pm, Mon.-Fri.

All calls, faxes or emails will be returned with in 48 hours.

For a quote on the cost of your event you can contact us at any of the following:

Phone: (916) 389-8760
Fax: (916) 457-6508

All prices are subject to change